The AGILE project introduces open badges for skills’ recognition!

📌The open badges are part of WP3A5 and will be first released for participants of the forthcoming AGILE summer school in Bordeaux, France (17-21 June 2024)!


👉 Developing skills recognition tools within academia strengthens universities’ resilience and expands the value of their learning and education services.
👉 Refugee students’ knowledge and skills are further valued in the European job market, facilitating their integration and social inclusion in European societies.

Who benefits?

📚Higher education students, including those of refugee and migrant background, that are involved in AGILE activities in partner universities.

🎯The open badges are developed by experts of the i4m Lab of the University of the Aegean, also a member of the European University ERUA coordinated by the university Paris 8. The i4m Lab is a pioneer in developing digital credentialisation tools and platforms for skills acquired within academia at European level. The Lab develops systematic means of analysing, modeling, designing and engineering systems where ICT is intertwined with social structure, economic principles, business strategies and public policy priorities.

The development of the open badges is carried out under the coordination and supervision of Web2Learn, lead partner of WP3A5.

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