Screening of "White Angel - The end of Marinka" and open discussion at KTU

On March 14, everyone gathered for the screening of the film "White Angel - The end of Marinka".

"White Angel - The end of Marinka" is a documentary directed by Arndt Ginzel a "Leipzig-based investigative journalist".

After the film, there was a discussion about the city of Marinka in the Ukrainian Donetsk Oblast, on how the war and the crimes committed impacted the city and the local population suffering.

The film, which caused a lot of feelings and thoughts, reminded the participating Lithuanians of the importance of community and freedom, and the Ukrainians, who not only watched but also discussed after the film and faced this painful situation in reality, are very much looking forward to being able to return to their native homes in peace.

Photocredits: KTU