Academia society resilience in refugee crises

WP4 addresses our second specific objective: “Use digital innovation, social participation and impact assessment to build strong academia-society cooperation’s for resilience and sustainability”.
In this context, WP4 is designed to achieve AGILE’s general objective which is to increase resilience of inclusive HE systems to address ongoing needs of refugees through social participation and recognition of skills in their learning pathways.
WP4 aims to develop activities that imply the engagement of both HEIs and stakeholders ranging from the industry sector to citizen groups and NGOs. Firstly, we will carry out a desktop analysis of 15 digital action initiatives at European level focusing on citizen science projects that are connected to refugees’ integration in European societies.
Then, WP4 will proceed with five experimentation stages that aim to establish more effective interactions between social actors for enhanced innovation capacity and co-creation. Specifically:

  • Experimentation #1 will entail industry-academia activities to tackle refugee crises. Activities like coaching and labs-to-market events will foster refugees’ entrepreneurial skills and will facilitate technology transfer from academia to industry.
  • Experimentation #2 will include crowd initiatives inside and outside universities aiming to promote the digital transformation of our societies with refugees being an active part of this process.
  • Experimentation #3 will focus on strengthening the role of academic libraries as hubs of co-creation between inhabitants and refugees for better, more inclusive societies.
  • Finally, experimentation #4 will collect the first-hand experience of the Polish HEIs in handling the massive number of unexpected Ukrainian academic refugees,
  • while experimentation #5 will entail a report depicting Ukrainian HEIs’ response to the humanitarian and societal crisis.