The AGILE project begins!

Today, 1st December 2022, starts the AGILE project!

The whole AGILE team is delighted to announce that the AGILE project was selected by the Erasmus+ programme and the French National Erasmus+ Agency, and will be funded under the cooperation partnerships programme.
AGILE is a 3-years-funded project : it starts in December 2022 and it will end in May 2025.

Of course, our ambition is not bound by this period and we envisage this cooperation beyond the funding period.
Our ambition is to improve and deepen refugee inclusion within Higher Education in Europe and beyond.
The European Union in the recent years faced refugee crises in reaction to authoritarian regimes’ actions. The most recent crisis, the war in Ukraine, has led to a great reaction in Europe. Given the partners’ proximity with Ukraine such as Lithuania and Poland, but also the expertise of other partners on refugee integration, we decided to gather our forces to face the global issue of improving refugee inclusion in European Higher Education.