Polish Rectors Foundation

The Polish Rectors Foundation (PRF) was established in June 2001 by rectors of Polish Higher Education Institutions acting as

individuals. PRF is one of the leading think-tanks in research into higher education in Poland, acting as NGO. Its statutory mission is to act for the benefit of the education, science and culture systems in Poland, with special emphasis on higher education. PRF acts on the national level as a strategic partner of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP), being involved in CRASP structures and activities, as well as being closely engaged in the higher education policy making at the national level and international cooperation on the level of the national rectors conferences. Besides, PRF provides consultancy and advisory activities to its strategic partners acting in higher education. PRF together with CRASP has produced key strategic documents, conducted a number of research projects and contributed to all key legislative acts in higher education and science in Poland and gained the strong reputation of the leader of academic community leaders. PRF plays a unique role in the cooperation between Poland and Ukraine on the highest academic level - national rectors’ conferences, ensuring effective communication and collaboration with both sides.

Since 2013, PRF has been leading international cooperation at the level of the national rectors conferences of Ukraine (URHEIU) and Poland (CRASP) by conducting several editions of the Polish-Ukrainian projects. PRF is a member of the CRASP Committee for International Cooperation which is engaged in dealing with Ukrainian academic refugees. PRF staff has research capacity to study the issues of integration of migrants as well as to engage the wider academic community in Poland.

In AGILE project FRP will contribute to the WP1(Management of the Project), in particular will co-draft the Risk Management and Quality Assurance Handbook (D1.3.) and a Report (D1.8). PRF will be responsible for A4.5. Report on Managing massive number of unexpected refugees at HEIs : implementation in emergency situations (national/Polish context) (D4.5.) and A5.5. Emergency Management at HEIs : guidelines for HEIs in handling refugee crisis (European context). Moreover, PRF will contribute to the country report in A5.2 Refugee inclusion in emergency situations on a national level : insights on national level (Poland) and other project activities.

Contact :

General contact : frpfund@pw.edu.pl
Contact person : Iryna Degtyarova, iryna.degtyarova@pw.edu.pl