Public Talk with refugee students at the university Paris 8

The University Paris 8 had the honour of hosting a public talk on March 31st 2023 with refugee students for them to share their experience with all members of the university community.

The aim of this public speaking event was to give a voice to exiled students welcomed to France as part of intercultural learning schemes for university integration to acquire the French language (DU Passerelle) and/or preserve their work and research (PAUSE programme).

This was an opportunity for former and current students to meet up, share their experiences to better understand their new environment and exchange views on how to improve reception facilities for exiles.

This discussion, led by Anthippi Potolia - Associate Professor - and Sophie Wauquier - Vice-President in charge of International Relations and Cooperation - introduced us to 7 refugee students or researchers in France with very different profiles but similar difficulties.

The podcast of the public talk is available here:

Photo credit: Service création audiovisuelle, Université Paris 8