Landscape analysis of Higher Education crisis support mechanisms for refugee students

WP2 addresses our first specific objective: “Foster and assess the integration of refugees in their professional and study life as well as in society through 3-level interventions”. WP2 fully contributes to the realisation of the overall objective of the AGILE project which is to increase resilience of inclusive Higher Education systems to address the ongoing needs of refugees through social participation and recognition of skills in their learning pathways.
WP2 aims to shed light on the drivers and barriers of socially inclusive HE curricula for refugee students by bringing together HEIs that are already pioneers in developing educational courses for refugees with HEIs and organisations that are newcomers in the field.
WP2 will complete a systematic study tracing the learning and career pathway of graduate refugees after they have obtained their degree or any other “certification” for learning the language of the host country. In particular, WP2 foresees two round tables where academic staff of European universities offering refugee education programmes will discuss latest updates in curriculum design for this target group. Next, we will set up a survey with refugee graduate students οn their sociolinguistic and academic integration to better understand their perspectives and experiences on how it felt like for them to study in a foreign HEI and learn a subject.
Then, we will host two round tables with refugee graduate students (or students being in the process of graduating) and one round table with policy makers to discuss issues like transition to HE institutions and academia-society potential in refugee students’ integration. Subsequently, we will design principles for improved HE curricula and institutional change and we will release the findings of all WP2 activities as an open access publication translated in partner languages.