Kaunas University of Technology

Kaunas University of Technology is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business. The University provides studies of engineering, technologies, physical and social sciences, humanities and arts.

The research groups working at KTU contribute to the global scientific knowledge by conducting cutting edge interdisciplinary research on the most important questions of current time.
The University has 9 faculties, 8 institutes, 9 research centres, 23 student organisations, 12 dormitories, 7 art societies. It has a Sports Centre, which offers 20 sports classes, and a publishing house “Technologija”. KTU is the founder of two integrated centres of research, studies and business – “Santaka” and “Nemunas” valleys. KTU National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre is responsible for protection and commercialisation of the University’s scientific production.
There are 9040 students studying at the university : 6670 of them are students of the first cycle (bachelor’s) and integrated studies, 2010 – master’s students, 320 doctoral students, and 40 students of professional studies. 590 international students study at KTU.

KTU has cooperation agreements with more than 350 higher education institutions in 50 countries of the world. Since 2016, KTU is also a member of ECIU University which is European university where learners and researchers cooperate with cities and businesses to solve real-life challenges. The ECIU University will create a new university that is driven by demands of society, citizens and industry which enables us to work together across the borders of Europe and come up with solutions for the sustainable development goals.

KTU involved in the project „Empowering Youth and Co-creating Social Innovations and Policy-Making Through Youth Citizen Social Science (YOUCOUNT)“ which focus on social inclusion, which is understood as equal opportunities for youth participation in society, and will elucidate social participation, connectedness, and social belonging. Also, KTU Library has been involved in open science (OS) activities by promoting the initiatives of OA and OS : it organises training sessions for different target groups (researchers, research administrators, librarians), seminars, information events and conferences, also participates in developing and improving OS infrastructure. These activities have been supported by different projects. As a partner, KTU Library has been involved in the following projects : 2019–2020 RDA Node Lithuania (Research Data Alliance Europe 4.0) ; 2018–2020 OpenAIRE-Advance (OpenAIRE Advancing Open Scholarship). Horizon 2020 RIA project n° : 777541, ATHENA Research and Innovation Center ; 2015–2018 OpenAIRE2020 (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe 2020) Project n° : 643410, ATHENA Research and Innovation Center ; LibOCS project 2022-2024 (Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation partnerships in higher education)

KTU team will contribute and assist partners in implementing all WP activities, actively participate in round tables, also be in charge of the sustainability strategy of the AGILE project and organise the two-day online Symposium.


Gintarė Tautkevičienė: gintare.tautkeviciene@ktu.lt