Through the frame of the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership programme, AGILE’s objective is to contribute to building inclusive higher education systems capable of addressing the ongoing refugee crises through common values, civic engagement, social participation and recognition of skills in refugees’ learning pathways.

One of the European Union’s main objectives is to enhance refugees’ inclusion within the society. In this domain, it appears Higher Education Institutions are not doing enough. We are convinced that a better access to Higher Education for refugees is the only way to guarantee a better inclusion in the European Union’s society.
As a consortium of 8 partners - 7 Higher Education Institutions and 1 education-oriented business - in Europe and in Ukraine, we engage in this project for 3 years, from December 2022 to May 2025, and we encourage and reward excellence in learning, teaching and skills development.
We will be organising roundtables, public talks, one summer school, experiments at local level, and conferences to show our results. We want to engage as much as possible academia society but also the industry and the civil society in our initiative.
Follow us through our journey for more resilience in refugee crises in Higher Education.